A coach helps you clarify where you are, where you want to go, what’s holding you back, then collaborates with you to reach your goals.  Susanna Liller believes coaching is one of the most effective ways for a person to achieve the changes they seek.  Her background as a manager, consultant, facilitator, mediator, and teacher provides a broad skill set for helping people through a change process.

“The coach encourages the development of what already exists in the person.  People usually know what they need to do to create change – fear of stepping outside their comfort zone might be holding them back.  A coach shines the light on what’s there so they can see it more clearly.  The desire to change and grow must come from the person. When they see and understand what they have to do to grow – and want to do it, then they have a breakthrough.” Susanna Liller  

Susanna Liller is a Certified Hudson Institute Coach (CHIC).

She is founder and President of Ruby Slippers LLC – a Portland, ME based company that provides a life planning process for women.

Susanna Liller worked for the Bath Iron Works Corporation for 12 years in various management capacities.  She was a partner with the management consulting firm Barton & Gingold for eight years before leaving to establish Liller Consulting, LLC.  For more on Susanna’s background, see Susanna’s resume.