Team Building

A group that works together can find itself going in different directions, losing focus; they may need an opportunity to reconnect; they may have lost their energy and commitment.  Team building is a way to get people energized and “on the same page.”  It can be a way to avoid conflict before it starts.

Susanna facilitates team building processes using a combination of training skills, process and interactive exercises.  Examples of tools that she uses include:

  • LIFO – a Life Orientation assessment tool that helps them understand their individual style of “being in the world” and the styles of their teammates.  Communication is enhanced by using the style of the person you are talking with, rather than your own.
  • Simulated survival exercises that serve as a metaphor for the team.
  • Visioning exercises in which a group is asked how they see themselves interacting in six months to a year – their vision of how they want to interact as individuals and collectively.

Team building is always customized to the needs of the client.


“As founder of a small consulting firm, I suddenly found myself with seven employees and realized that the company had evolved on its own without any guidance in terms of organization – each employee was pretty much an independent entity.  I knew I needed some help, and called on Susanna Liller.  Through a series of work sessions and exercises, we were able to come up with short- and long-term goals for the organization.  Susanna facilitated this process in a most thoughtful manner and made sure that each participant was comfortable in stating his or her views – no one was made to feel left out of the process.  Susanna did a great job of following up with the office, and continues to do so on a regular basis.” GH