Strategic Planning

The key elements of a strategic plan are vision (defined as “direction”) and mission (“the reason for being”). Strategic planning provides identity for an organization. It answers the questions, “what do you care about?” and “where are you going?”

Susanna has devised a process, called the Yo-One Technique, for strategic planning that she has used since the early 90’s.  This process involves a technique developed by a Japanese anthropologist to visually review data and organize it. It is an organic process, working with individual ideas that group to form a larger vision for where an organization wants to be in three to five years.

The Yo-One Technique is unique in its efficient and effective use of people’s time, and it is lively and fun.


“Susanna did an amazing job shepherding our association’s very diverse membership through the strategic planning process.  The process was very productive and has given us a guidepost for our group, so our staff and volunteers can ‘keep our eye on the ball.’.  Susanna was respectful, inclusive and supportive.  In addition to developing a very effective product, she made the process fun!” MF