Executive Coaching

As a leader in your organization, you may have an executive who:

  • Demonstrates behaviors that impede their relationships with employees and/or management,
  • Doesn’t understand the impact that their strong and assertive personality has on their staff,
  • Needs to be more assertive and direct with their colleagues,
  • Micromanages and over-controls their employees because they are worried about failing,
  • Seems to create conflict wherever they go.

Executive Coaching involves a series of steps to 1) determine how the executive views herself and how others view her, 2) develop a plan for what to work on, 3) work closely for a period of time on the agreed-upon changes, and then 4) re-assess to see if there has been improvement.  This cycle may be repeated until the client is satisfied with her own and others’ feedback, that there is positive change.

Susanna works closely with the executive to develop the 360-degree interview tool that she will use, in creating the executive’s personal action plan, and in monitoring ongoing progress.


“I have enjoyed this experience very much, although I was very apprehensive of its outcome in the beginning.  You are a fantastic person, and I would enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone.  …Again, thank you.  This experience has impressed me, and I have changed.” MA